Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Updated Blog Articles

Given the speed with which I usually have to write and post the various blog articles, I thought it best to go back and review a few of them. In the process, I have done some editing to my article entitled Defense of a Conscious Intermediate State as well as to my series responding to the House-Church Movement.

The changes are pretty minor. I have fixed a few typos here and there and have clarified a few ambiguous points. For those who have made use of these articles, you may want to check out the latest versions.

As the one who owns the copyright to all that I have written on this blog, I of course reserve the right to revise my own work when I deem it necessary or beneficial to the blog's readers. Also, in any case where I have discovered an error in what I have written or have been shown to be wrong on some point, I will change it and let the blog's readers know, or I will post a retraction.

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