Tuesday, April 22, 2014

James White Responds to Adam Harwood's Challenge to Reformed Theology

Dr. Adam Harwood, the Associate Chair of Theology and the McFarland Chair of Theology at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary located in New Orleans, Louisiana, recently delivered a sermon at Truett-McConnell College, in which he directly challenged specific points of Calvinistic theology.
In this sermon, it is my view that Dr. Harwood demonstrates -- to put it mildly -- a very poor understanding of what Calvinists actually believe, and that he consistently misrepresents our point of view. Here is the video of that sermon:

Dr. James White, the director of Alpha and Omega Ministries and an elder of the Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church, has offered the following response:

Needless to say, I am in agreement with James White here, because he correctly understands and proclaims the teaching of Scripture concerning our salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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