Thursday, June 29, 2017

Apparently Scott Brown Will Never Respond to the Case He Said Could Not Be Made

The blog's regular readers may recall that some time ago I wrote a post entitled Answering Scott Brown's Challenge Concerning Age Segregated Education (back in august of 2014). This post sought to publicly notify Scott about a series of articles I had written in response to his own assertions that he had never heard a Biblical defense of age segregated education and that this was because there was no case that could be made. Then, after repeated attempts to contact Scott to let him now about the articles and to challenge him either to respond or to retract his assertions, I followed up with a post entitled Will Scott Brown Answer My Challenge?

Well, almost three years have gone by now, and I have yet to see any response from him. Should I then conclude, as he has done, that not hearing a public, Biblical defense of someone's position is due to the fact that that there simply is no credible defense that may be offered?

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