Thursday, March 28, 2013

Jeff Johnson and Michael Horton Debate Covenant Theology

This video contains the audio of the debate between Jeff Johnson (author of The Fatal Flaw and a valued contributor to this blog) and Michael Horton concerning the Credobaptist versus the Paedobaptist view of Covenant Theology. The debate took place at the 2012 Semper Reformanda Conference at Grace Family Baptist Church.

It is a very interesting and helpful discussion between two men who hold to the idea that the Mosaic Covenant is a republication of the Covenant of Works. And I would just add here my special appreciation for Jeff, who has been more to helpful to me in properly understanding Covenant Theology than perhaps any other single person.

Monday, March 25, 2013

James White Interacts With N.T. Wright on Justification

The above video contains a recent moderated radio discussion between James White and N.T. Wright concerning the Scriptural doctrine of justification. As always, James White does a good job of being fair and direct -- and above all Scriptural -- in discussing this important issue, which is at the heart of the debate over the so-called New Perspective on Paul.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blog Update

As the regular readers of this blog know, I have always tried to post something at least once a week. However, as I explained in a December 14 update, this past year I have been battling recurrent bouts with diverticulitis, so I have not able to keep up with the blog as I normally would have.

Well, after nine attacks of diverticulitis in the past three years -- five of which have occurred in the last 7-8 months -- my doctors were able to find a window in which I was healthy enough to go through a colonoscopy followed by surgery (a laparoscopic colectomy) to remove about 12 inches of my colon. Today makes exactly one month since the surgery, and, although I am still dealing with some postoperative pain and discomfort that limits me, I am recovering well and hope to get back to regular posting again in the coming week.

I want to thank all who have prayed for me and who have been supportive of this blog. Please continue to pray that I will heal without complications and that I will have no future problems with diverticulitis. Thanks again! And may God bless you!